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Bigger is better?



It depends?

What if we're talking about an escape game?

It's likely that you're sick of playing escape games that require you to fit into confined spaces for more profit.

The name of the game may call for small, cramped quarters, but a house escape narrative is always preferable to a room.

Of course, playground size alone does not guarantee a high-quality escape trip. The quality of your escape adventure will surely be influenced by the originality of the theme, the logical consistency, the logical connection between the puzzles, and the inventive and exceptional character of the puzzles.

The importance of friendly employees is in addition to all of the above.

As Escape de Facto, we assure you of each of these elements in each of the two games we present to you.

Your fascinating journey begins in our first game.

House of Things is a house-themed game.

Let's indulge in a little daydreaming.

“A new family just moved into the neighborhood.

They've invited you to dinner so they can get to know you better.

You buy a lovely bottle of wine and head to the dinner party.

You knock on the door repeatedly, but no one replies.

Weird noises can be heard coming from inside.

You rap on the door again, this time more forcefully, but nothing occurs.

With a gentle push, the door slides open.

Hello, who's home right now?

The door smashes shut behind you, and you hear the padlock locking sound.

You're horrified!

You try your hardest to open the door, but there is no way out.

You realize that you are confined inside this ominous home.

You have an hour to escape. You'll need luck, so good luck to you!”

Live actors are also used in this game as a component of the narrative.

You can interact with our actors in-game in a few places.

Not to worry. There isn't any physical contact.

This game is essentially a puzzle game, but we gave it a slight spooky effect.

In addition, customer satisfaction is 100%.

Café de Pandora is our second game which is located Westroads Mall in Omaha.

Once more, a big game area.

Larger than House of Things.

Café de Pandora, in our opinion, offers one of the largest game areas in the entire USA.

Another action game, however there is no fright factor.

You are trapped in a frightening diner in this game.

The restaurant has a bomb hidden someplace, and if you don't discover it and deactivate it within the next 60 minutes, the building will blow up with you inside.

You understand that you are a victim of a psychopath's haunted game.

Your cellphones lose signals and you are locked inside this strange restaurant with 60 minutes of life and death situation...

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