Escape Room Omaha

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Escape de Facto’s newly opened Cafe de Pandora escape game at Westroads Mall in Omaha is filled with secrets and mystery.


It features multiple rooms, very high-tech puzzles and huge game area.


It is in fact the largest escape game not only in Nebraska but in the country.


Our puzzles have carefully been designed and are appropriate for all age groups.

We host families, corporate parties, birthday parties, senior organizations, churches and many more.


Our google reviews show exceptionally high satisfaction rate and we are proud of that.


Book Today and reward yourself and your group with Omaha’s best escape room experience!

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What did they say about us

Escape Room Omaha, Can You Escape?

Escape room is a game for the ones who look for excitement and thrill. Think of a room which is structured for solving puzzles placed in different places. What you need in the room is more and more hints to reach the end of the game. The games all depend on a thematic scenario. All the details are planned as if you are a part of a thriller or a mystery. All details are real, all objects are designed for a physical interaction to end the game up. It cannot be played on your own because it is a team game. Every individual has different skills to solve a mysterios puzzle. What is important in this game is the concentration. Full concentration to reach the end of the game makes you winner. It is game for all age groups. If you want to get excited with the fear, this is a game designed for you. Don’t let the room swallow you!

Why Do People Play This Game?

In fact, the answer is very easy. Eager to solve a mystery, to feel the enthsiasm in you. To be a figure of scenario is priceless and precious. What you need to feel this excitement is to set up a group. People should be willing to play this game. It is not only a game, it is a brainstorming game, it is a trust game, it is an investigation game and it is a survival game to reach the out of the room in a limited time. You are the headliner of the room and the team you set up is your helpers to escape from the room.

Escape Room Omaha promises to bring you the best of secrets and mystery. There are two different games called Cafe de Pandora in Escape Room Omaha and House of Things in Escape Room Lincoln. Both games have different concept and different clues. You will feel the excitement and the mystery of the room in your blood. Escape Room Omaha structured the biggest and largest escape game area in the USA. Escape Room Omaha promises you to serve high-tech puzzles and satisfactory excitement. Puzzles are designed for enough fear and movement. With the fear and enthusiasm for solving the mystery, you will feel much better.

Scary effects and scary puzzles and spooky actors will be with you. A real adventure for real gamers. Experience of a real adventure with your friends, with your family. While solving the mystery, chasing the clues will improve the trust, communication and sharing ideas. It is not only a scary or a exciting game, it is a kind of tie that unites people in the group. Fear and Enjoyment is our motto. High satifaction is your expectation, designed for high satisfaction games is our duty. We are very proud of having the best rooms in the country. Best rooms designed with high technology and with high experience is what we offer you. Reward yourself and book your game. We will be very glad to host you and your team.