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Escape Room Lincoln

Imagine yourself in a real life adventure game filled with scary puzzles, brain teasing clues and spooky actors.

Yes, The House of Things by Escape de Facto is the only escape game in Nebraska that has actors as part of the story.

It features multiple rooms, very high-tech puzzles,  huge game area and scary effects.It is in fact one of the largest escape games in Nebraska.

Our puzzles have carefully been designed and are appropriate for all age groups.

We host families, corporate parties, birthday parties, senior organizations, churches and many more.

Check out the reviews from hundreds of people that played our game and see for yourself.

Book Today and reward yourself and your group with Lincoln’s best escape room experience!

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What did they say about us

Unforgettable Experience at Escape Room Lincoln

Would you like to flee reality for a while and spend quality time with your friends and family in the most elaborately designed and excitement-filled setting at the Escape Room Lincoln?


You might have heard about escape rooms and might be wondering what is behind those slightly spooky gates. What is that promised adventure about? Initially inspired by videogames, escape rooms offer a quality and off-the-wall time (as opposed to those video games) to a group of friends, family members, co-workers where teams take part in a real-life adventure game and collaborate to solve a mystery and “escape the room.” Though, the theme does not have to be “escape” and the set does not have to be “a room.” The narratives today cover a wide range of topics, and the platforms are much more sophisticated than before.


The more compelling the narrative and the more intriguing the riddles, the more immersive your whole experience will be. This is what we offer at Escape Room Lincoln which is a multiple room setting with state-of-the-art high-tech puzzles and wait for it… real actors in the game! Which makes it the only escape room with real actors in the state of Nebraska and the spookiest of all!


Our puzzles are tailored to different age groups, so you may book for your family, your co-workers, and for special occasions like birthdays, senior and church organizations. You can even create the most unforgettable setting for a wedding proposal!


When around 2007 escape rooms first became a modern reality in Japan they were considered underground and mostly appealed to video-gamers. One of those early escape puzzle games was called Crimson Room where players were required to find hidden puzzles and solve them to get out of the room. This basic concept became the foundation of the early real-world escape rooms. By time, as escape rooms became more and more popular around the world, people from diverse backgrounds entered the business and enriched the whole experience with different perspectives. Ever popular scary concepts such as serial killers and haunted houses still attract the classical game lovers but nowadays there are countless plots targeting specific age groups and making the best use of technology.


To find out more about what kind of puzzles we offer at Escape room Lincoln for all age groups do not hesitate to contact us immediately via our website or the phone. Keep in mind that we can host minimum 2 and maximum 20 people. So, bring along your significant other, spend a thrilling Sunday with your kids and cousins and strengthen the family bonds, have a good time with your friends, plan a corporate team-building day with your co-workers, arrange a school trip all kids will love, plan an unforgettable day for the nursing home residents or take your book club to another level! If you fancy a world of fantasy and you like the challenge of solving puzzles, Escape Room Lincoln is the place for you.

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