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Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Some individuals genuinely have no notion how to act in an escape room. They risk destroying the experience for their entire group if they do this. That will quickly make your family and friends angry with you. We've put up a list of everything you must not do when in an escape room if you want to prevent accidently doing this and are concerned you might, or you just want to be aware of the rules beforehand.

There may be some changes between our list and another one, even if every escape room company, including Escape De Facto, has its own set of rules and restrictions. Nearly all of these points apply to different premises.

Be careful if you behave in this way because these are common faults. These behaviors may result in serious penalties, such as ejection or a ban from the property.

1- Disregarding the Game Master

The most crucial guideline for playing an escape room is to respect your Game Master. Departing from their directions is not a wise choice because they are there to make sure you are safe and have fun. Instead, you should focus on what the Game Master is saying since they might even drop a hint that will speed up your escape.

2- Interacting With Things That Say "Do Not Touch"

Like Escape De Facto does, there may be a number of items in the escape room that you aren't allowed to touch. They are typically prominently labelled with a sticker to let you know that you shouldn't touch them.

Don't touch anything with a sticker on it if you see one. It almost probably has nothing to do with the game you're playing if someone took the time to apply the sticker.

Interacting with elements that are outside of your control can have negative effects, and doing so frequently could get you kicked out of the game. If something has a “don't touch” sign, there is a good reason for it, whether it is for your protection or because it is an essential component of the building (such a light switch, security camera, etc.).

3- Being Destructive

Starting to damage things and be destructive is probably one of the worst things you can do (and an easy way to get tossed out, pronto). An object in an escape room will move if it is intended to. If it doesn't, you might be able to engage with it in another way, or it might just be a red herring.

That also applies to furnishings and accessories. You should never intentionally try to break anything in the room or try to climb on the furniture. It not only ruins the experience for your team but also for the other teams waiting to play in the room. Utilizing a Phone

4- Using Your Phone

It should go without saying that you shouldn't use your phone while in an escape room. The majority of places forbid even having a phone in the room, and using one there serves little purpose.

Asking the Game Master rather than searching Google is preferable if you need a hint for the room. Additionally, photo chances are only available after you have left the room. Anything else might impede future players from enjoying the game.

5- Putting Items in Your Pocket

You should never put any escape room items in your pockets, but just in case it isn't common sense, here it is. If something is in your pocket, it at the very least indicates that no one is considering it. Your team will be searching for a clue that has been in your pocket the entire time if it is crucial to solving a task. Even worse, it can make it impossible for you to win the game.

However, if you take something home because you forgot it was in your pocket, you're essentially destroying the game for future players. There is no guarantee that the company will have parts available to replace anything that is lost or damaged. The best approach is typically to put up all the clues on a table and then sort them according to whether or not they have been used.

6- Refusing to Share Your Information or to Communicate

Being a member of the team is the whole objective of playing a team game. So why would you want to keep anything to yourself?

Although being the first to figure out a puzzle can be immensely satisfying, you're intended to be in this together. Even if you figure out every riddle, if your team doesn't succeed in escaping, that is the far nicer victory.

Therefore, keep teamwork in mind when you play. Working together will give you a far better chance of success because it's not just you attempting to get away.

7- Having Everyone in the Group Concentrate on One Idea

It's wonderful to play with others because each person can work on a different puzzle or challenge at the same time. You're effectively squandering time if everyone is preoccupied with a small puzzle.

However, there is one exception to this. If there's a single puzzle that's holding you back, having practically everyone concentrate on it might help you solve it and advance to the next section. Even so, it may be a good idea to assign one member of your team to find any additional clues that can help you get the answer more quickly.

8- Disputes with teammates

This one should go without saying, but if you're fighting with your squad, you're not thinking about how to get out and are wasting time. In an escape room, every minute counts, and wasting even one on arguments can prevent you from leaving in time.

Of course, there's also the possibility that arguing will make you not appreciate the situation at all. Since the purpose of escape rooms is to have fun, arguing with other players tends to change the atmosphere of the room as a whole. Try to concentrate on having good, clear communication while you're in the space, and if you see tension building, take a moment to yourself to cool off.

9- Cheating on Your Own Team or Yourself

One of the worst things you can do is ruin someone else's escape room experience. Remember that the goal of escape rooms is to have fun solving the problem, whether it's a room you want to do again or you're tempted to look up some clues online.

If you already know the solutions and have shared them with your organization, you simply cannot accomplish it. It might be best to keep your knowledge to yourself if you do chance to know any of the solutions from a source other than your present escape room experience.

That’s our list as Escape De Facto! You should have the finest escape room experience if you can keep from performing all of these things. Never forget that the goal is fun, not victory. However, winning does significantly enhance the experience—as long as you worked for it.

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