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Escape rooms are good for your health in 10 ways

1- There may be something we can learn.

There is always something new to learn, as the old adage goes.

It is in our nature to investigate, learn, and unearth information in order to pass it on to others. With this information, you can impress your pals and ace the Monday night pub quiz. In an era of speed and efficiency, we try to avoid reading lengthy, in-depth books of information. Instead, when we enter an escape room, we are immediately immersed in a real-world setting. a setting that encourages us to engage physically with the texts, technologies, and codes of the era. a unique and genuinely participatory educational experience. I'll discuss the health advantages of escape rooms in this piece.

2- Produces original recollections

We feel proud of our accomplishments as we leave the first escape room. We are aware that in order to function as a team, we had to think "outside the box" and overcome all obstacles. We therefore consider both the positive and negative aspects of the event. Then we understand that we have created memories that we will always remember. Recollections of how we won the game together. We leave with this sense of accomplishment after spending a wonderful time with some unforgettable people.

3- Improves fine motor abilities

Even the development of fine motor skills might be aided by puzzles. This is also referred to as spatial awareness or hand-eye coordination. As we mature, our understanding of the world around us expands, and engaging in challenging activities might help us improve our ability to evaluate distances. With the use of 3D puzzles, escape rooms make puzzles physically present to you in a way that few other group activities can.

4- Arouses interest

You are put in the middle of the action, which is one of the attractions of escape rooms. Here, you can take in the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations of this other world. Your senses are awakened as soon as you enter an escape room. You suddenly sense the need for a survival instinct as you cooperate to find a way out of this strange place.

5- Develops our cognitive abilities

A fancy term for learning something new. We are briefly removed from the real world as we venture into the unknown of a science lab or a temple, for example. We suddenly find ourselves in a predicament where we must learn new information about this alternate reality and put it to creative and intriguing use. This enables us to critically evaluate the new information and use it in lateral ways to accomplish our objectives. When we succeed in the task, our capacity to take in and use new information is suddenly enhanced.

6- Improves social and communication skills

Humans need to interact with one another. Our instinct is to do this. We are constantly told to collaborate with those around us in order to get through difficult situations. Teams are put in situations where communication is crucial, such as the Mayan escape room experience at Other World Escapes. The physical act of conversing might soon go extinct as we get completely involved in the digital realm. On the other side, escape games rekindle this innate need to brainstorm solutions and overcome obstacles as a group.

7- Encourages the growth of gross motor abilities

Gross motor skills, which should not be confused with fine motor skills, are concerned with major motions like walking, jumping, and running. But with physical actions, practice makes better (not perfect). Indeed, engaging in activities like escape rooms can push us beyond of our comfort zones and improve our gross motor skills through vigorous physical activity.

8- Provides the appropriate amount of physical activity for each day.

allowing us to workout properly. Everyone tells us that we need to exercise, but who really wants to run every day or perform 500 burpees? Your desire to exercise will increase if it is enjoyable. Your trip in the Mayan temple includes one hour of workout, which can be the ideal approach to train your heart, brain, and muscles. Through a combination of reaction, burst, and endurance-based training in the game, this training takes place.

9- Improves the strength and capacity of our memory

We are all aware that as we age, our memory might occasionally be challenged. Through interaction with the code, symbol, or language, puzzles and challenges can be a terrific method to improve your memory recall and retention. Some escape rooms will demand that you concentrate your efforts on memorizing information so that you can recall it later on in the game. Our memory retention and ability can be greatly improved by this technique, allowing us to learn something significant and practical for application in daily life.

10- Raises our contentment and happiness levels

We also experience significant excitement and satisfaction when we successfully complete tasks using the newly learned information. As our excitement levels rise throughout the escape room, finishing it seems like a great accomplishment. Your thoughts instantly turn to feelings of accomplishment and team togetherness.

As Escape de Facto we offer an unforgettable experience. Come and check out our multiple rooms games.

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