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Escape Room – It's All About Having Memorable Moments

With escape rooms gaining popularity all across the globe and being there since 2007, they have been a great way to spend time with your loved ones. Initially, based on scary concepts such as haunted houses and serial killers as they were popular in Japan amongst the gamers mostly and later getting diversified, they have become popular all across the world. With the on-rising trend in the USA, let’s explore Escape De Facto, one of the biggest escape rooms in the USA, and the storyline it has to offer.

Let’s Explore Escape De Facto

Fun-filled moments await you at Escape De Facto which promises you an adventure that will immerse you in an experience that will live with you forever. This escape game is perfect with the different storylines and locations it has to offer. Also it's one of the biggest ones in the USA. You can take your family, friends, members, and co-workers with you on any occasion and set yourself up for an amazing challenge. You can choose from Escape Room Omaha and Escape Room Lincoln. Let’s explore them both.

Escape Room Lincoln – has the storyline House of Things, where a new family moves into the neighbourhood and invites you over dinner. You decide to head to dinner with a fancy wine bottle and knock on the door multiple times but no one answers despite hearing some strange voices inside so naturally out of curiosity you push the door open and go inside. But the door slams shut and locks itself. You are stuck inside this home that is full of horror and makes you terrified but you have only one hour to escape.

Escape Room Omaha – Based on the storyline Café de Pandora, here you get a group message from an unknown number, and you are invited to a surprise dinner. You call your friends and ask them but you get nowhere so you decide to visit the surprise dinner. You sit down but suddenly the lights go out and the doors shut. You get another message that a bomb is placed in the restaurant and you have to disable it within 60 mins. You lost your cell phone signals and you are locked in a life and death situation. Now saving yourself is on you!

Pricing And Why to Choose Escape De Facto!

Both Escape Rooms Lincoln and Omaha offer 6 different tickets $70 up to 2 people, $120 up to 4 people, $150 up to 6 people, $200 up to 10 people, $300 up to 15 people, and $400 up to 20 people. It also offers a 25% discount from Monday till Thursday. It’s time for you to let your inner Sherlock Holmes take charge and have an exhilarating journey. You can celebrate your special moments including corporate parties, birthday parties, and even wedding proposals instead of having the celebrations in a boring and traditional manner. You can book us now at and live the time of your life with us!

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