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Story Line

Your phone gets a group message from an unknown number. After checking contacts on your phone, you realize that they are all your friends' numbers. You are being invited to a surprise dinner at a restaurant that you have not heard of before. You call some of your friends in order to clarify the event but you get nowhere. You do not find out where the message came from or what the surprise was about and decide to head out for it.

At first, everything feels normal. A waiter shows your table and you all sit down. All of a sudden, all lights go out and it gets peach dark. You hear all doors at the restaurant shutting. When lights come back on, all other customers and staff members disappaer. You all get another group message.

Story Line
Story Line

There is a bomb placed somewhere at the restaurant and if you do not find its location and disable in within the next 60 minutes, restaurant will blow up with you inside. You realize to be part of a haunted game by some psychopath. Your cellphones lose signals and you are locked inside this strange restaurant with 60 minutes of life and death situation... #escape room Omaha

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