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You and your friends find yourselves trapped in an eerie, abandoned puppeteer workshop known as "Ravenwood Marionettes." The air is thick with the scent of aged wood and worn fabrics, and the room is filled with dusty marionettes hanging from the ceiling. A single dim light flickers overhead, casting long, ominous shadows.

Stories say that the mysterious puppeteer Victor Ravenwood, who was renowned for creating lifelike marionettes with independent minds, previously owned the workshop. For many years, there have been rumors of odd happenings and enigmatic disappearances surrounding Ravenwood and his creations.

As you explore the workshop, you discover a locked door with a faded inscription: "To escape this cursed place, unlock the secrets that bind the Marionette Maestro's creations." A clock on the wall starts ticking ominously, signaling that time is running out.

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